HOPE: Health Optimisation Protocol for Energy-efficient Buildings
Pre-normative and socio-economic research to create healthy and energy efficient buildings

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Work Package 1, leader TNO


Management and co-ordination of the project

Description of work

In this WP, the project will be co-ordinated. Four plenary meetings will be held and organised in Task 1.1. Furthermore, the half-yearly reports and the mid-term-assessment report, are written in Task 1.2. The management of the WPs and the reports of those WPs will be written in Task 1.3. Final reports, including the non-publishable, the publishable and the TIP reports, will be written in Task 1.4.

  • No. 1: Half-yearly and yearly progress reports , mid-term assessment reportNo.
  • No. 2: Reports for each WPNo.
  • No. 3: Final reports