HOPE: Health Optimisation Protocol for Energy-efficient Buildings
Pre-normative and socio-economic research to create healthy and energy efficient buildings

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Work Package 3, leader BRE


- To check the first set of performance criteria to determine whether expectations were accurate, and to make corrections to the set where necessary.
- To make an inventory of information on energy consumption and energy efficiency.
- To make an inventory of the health and comfort status of the occupants (expressed, for example, in relation to acute symptoms, productivity and sick leave for office buildings and in relation to symptoms of illnesses such as allergy and asthma in multi-apartment buildings).
- To create a database to benchmark the healthy and energy efficiency status of European buildings.

Description of work

A European multidisciplinary study in at least 180 office and multi-apartment buildings in nine European countries will be performed. A methodology will be developed, to employ three kinds of screening methods: (a) an inspection of each building, (b) interviews with management and maintenance personnel and (c) questionnaire surveys of the health and safety of occupants.

  • No. 8 Selection criteria for buildings in WP 3
  • No. 9 Methodology for testing 180 buildings in WP 3.
  • No. 10 Results of 180 buildings investigated.
  • No. 11 First database with health and energy efficiency status of 180 buildings in Europe
  • No. 12 Analysis of 180 building investigations