HOPE: Health Optimisation Protocol for Energy-efficient Buildings
Pre-normative and socio-economic research to create healthy and energy efficient buildings

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MCU (Faculty of Medicine Charles University)

Expertise and experience

Charles University, the oldest university north of the Alps and east of Paris was founded by the King of Bohemia and King of the Romans, later the Emperor Charles IV, in his royal seat of Prague on the 7th of April 1348. It was no accident that the first university in Central Europe should have been established in the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia. All that time the Bohemian State was the strongest power on which Charles could rely as political core of his territories, and from which he could control the politics of the Holy Roman Empire. The Institute of Hygiene & Epidemiology was founded 100 years ago on the background of the traditional German bacteriology - based hygiene and enriched it with an experimental aspects etc.

Hospital hygiene has always been an essential part of the teaching programme and for many years a member of the staff was the hospital hygienist in the General Faculty Hospital in Prague.

In the framework of student's research some surveys have been performed in the hospital concerning the microbiological contamination of the environment and measurement of the microclimate.
International projects in which MCU has been involved are:
- EXPASCAN (Exposure to Arsenic and Cancer Risk in Central and East Europe) - grant INCO COPERNICUS.
- INCO COPERNICUS Central Europe Health Survey

Key persons

Dr. Ivana Holcátová graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in 1983. In 1994 she received her specialization 1st Degree in Hygiene and Epidemiology, and in 1996 her Ph.D. at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, at the same university. She is a lecturer at this university and visiting lecturer at some other universities. In 1993, she received a 3-years grant on "Indoor Air Quality in Attitude to the Health Status of the Dwellers" from the Grant Agency of Czech Ministry of Health. And she is involved in another grant of the National Institute of Public Health concerning the indoor air quality in asthmatic children. These grants were the first research programs on the indoor air topics in the Czech Republic. In 1996 she received a 1-year grant from the Ministry of Education on "The Effect of Volatile Organic Compounds to the Human Organism".

Dr. Karel Kabele is a building engineer and lecturer at the Charles University. His main domains are simulations especially in heating systems, he is also interested in low energy buildings simulations. He is involved in many (also international) projects in simulations.