HOPE: Health Optimisation Protocol for Energy-efficient Buildings
Pre-normative and socio-economic research to create healthy and energy efficient buildings

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VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland)

Expertise and experience

VTT is an impartial expert organisation that carries out technical and techno-economic research and development work. VTT produces new applied technology in co-operation with domestic and foreign partners. The core values are responsiveness to the views and needs of customers, co-operation, successful performance and continuos developments. VTT consists of nine operating units the number of employees being about 3000 and a budget of 201 million Euros. VTT serves annually over 5000 domestic and foreign customers.
VTT Chemical Technology develops scientific and technological expertise for the needs of society and applies it to improve our customer's competitiveness and uses it to the needs of enterprises, product and process development following the principle of sustainable development.
The Indoor Air Chemistry Group develops methods for identifying characteristics of indoor air quality in chemical and sensory terms and carries out research on material emissions and the characteristics of the emissions. The aim of the work is to develop a diagnostic methodology for characterising indoor air quality and to identify the sources of indoor air pollution, especially the effect of building and furnishing materials. Material emission studies and studies on factors affecting the emissions are carried out and classification- and evaluation procedures are developed in order to provide the industry, authorities, designers and other interested parts methods for developing and evaluating building products. The Indoor Air Chemistry Group has participated in several inter-laboratory comparisons and evaluation projects arranged by JRC Ispra and Nordtest and GEV. The group was chosen as a VOC-measuring laboratory for all centres in the EXPOLIS-project on the basis of the internationally proven quality.

The indoor Air Chemistry Group has participated to many European, Nordic and national projects. Some of them are:
- European Audit Project to Optimize Indoor Air Quality and Energy Consumption in Buildings, JOULE II-program (JOU2-CT92-0022) co-ordinated by TNO, Subcontract.
- European Data Base on Indoor Air Pollution Sources in Buildings, EU- JOULE II, 1993-1996.
- Further development and validation of Small test chamber method for measuring VOC emission from building materials and products, VOCEM, EU- SMT (PL 952171), 1996-1998.
- Air Pollution Exposure Distributions of Adult Urban Populations, EXPOLIS, EU- Environment (ENV4-CT96-0202), 1996 - 1998.
- Materials for Healthy Indoor Spaces and More Energy Efficient Buildings, MATHIS, EU-JOULE III (JOR3-CT97-0194), 1998 - 2001.

Key persons

Tiina Tirkkonen is a research scientist, MSc (Tech) in environmental science. She has developed the analytical methods used in the testing of indoor air quality and material emissions and is responsible for quality assurance of the accredited methods of the Indoor Air Chemistry Group. She is the coordinator of chamber operation and emission testing performed for the Finnish Classification of Finishing Materials and other industrial emission and indoor air quality testing.