HOPE: Health Optimisation Protocol for Energy-efficient Buildings
Pre-normative and socio-economic research to create healthy and energy efficient buildings

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TUB (Technical University of Berlin)

Expertise and experience

The Hermann-Rietschel-Institute of the Technical University of Berlin is the oldest and most renowned institute for heating and air conditioning engineering in Germany since its foundation more than 100 years ago. The institute has excellent facilities and equipment and the experienced staff enable scientists from all over the world to do research work in all topics of heating, cooling and air-conditioning. Heating and ventilation of buildings, airflow inside the building and in rooms, especially when using different air distribution systems are main subjects of investigation. In recent years, new studies focused on ventilation effectiveness of the airflow in rooms with heat source controlled displacement flow, on perceived indoor air quality and on pollution sources in air handling units. The system and the components of air handling units are the main topic of the research activities. Apart from research activities, the Hermann-Rietschel-Institute is involved in teaching and supervising heating and air conditioning as well as architectural students.

Key persons

Prof. Dr. -Ing Fitzner is the managing director of the Hermann-Rietschel-Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning. He worked for 25 years in research and development departments of major air conditioning companies in Germany, before becoming head of the institute. As Chief Executive Officer of the R&D department of a well-known air conditioning company, he gained his outstanding experience in all questions of indoor air quality, AHU design and construction and all types of HVAC-systems. Prof. Fitzner has published more than 80 technical and scientific papers and is co-author of the handbooks "Recknagel-Sprenger" and "Rietschel-Esdorn Vol.II". He is also member of several working groups on standards concerning ventilation, e.g. TC 156, WG 6 and WG 8 (convenor) ,DIN 1946 page2, VDI 6022). He is ASHRAE Fellow and Member of the International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences.

Dipl.-Ing. Birgit Müller belongs to the scientific staff of the Hermann-Rietschel-Institute and works on specific problems of HVAC-systems and indoor air quality in her doctoral thesis. She is very experienced in theoretical and experimental work dealing with air handling systems. She has studied energy engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and is very well experienced in energy questions in buildings.